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Entrepreneurs - The Ultimate Legal Resource Guide for Start-Ups in 2019

Starting a new business is exciting. You have an idea for a service or a product you are convinced consumers want. Before offering your product or service to consumers, certain practical and legal considerations must be addressed to protect your business interests and your personal interests. The decisions you make while setting up your new business venture have a significant impact on many short-term and long-term matters and issues.

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Want to Lower Your Tax Liability? Partner Up With Your Spouse

Are you searching for a way to lower your taxes for 2018 and beyond? If you are married, you might be able to create a partnership with your spouse to put more money in your pocket instead of Uncle Sam’s pockets. Don’t worry if you and your spouse do not work well together because your spouse can be more of a silent investor than a participating partner.

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How Do You Select Your Business Formation State?

A corporation may be formed in any state while conducting business and being physically located in the business owner’s state of residence. A DC business attorney guides business owners in choosing the state for the formation of a business that offers the business the best advantages of incorporation. 

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What is the Difference Between a Corporation and an LLC?

Although corporations and LLCs are similar, they have some critical differences. Choosing the right entity can mean a significant difference in tax treatment, for example. The membership structure is comparable, but there may be some restrictions that apply to corporations that do not apply to LLCs, and vice versa. Learning about the major differences between these two business structures is vital to choosing the right business structure for your company.

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What is the difference between a LLP & an LP?

Choosing the right business entity is an important phase in business formation. Each type of business entity has certain advantages and disadvantages for the partners. The type of business, the partners’ goals, and state laws factor into your decision whether to form an LLP or an LP. An experienced business formation attorney can help you determine whether an LP or an LLP is best for your needs and goals.

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What Business Entity is Right for my Company?

You came up with a great idea for a business. You might even have drafted a business plan.

Before you can move forward, one of the key questions that you need to decide, especially if you need to raise start-up capital, is what business entity to choose. Before you set up a structure, you must decide, what business entity is right for your company. A good business transaction lawyer can assist you in determining the right business entity before you make a costly mistake. Before you take that step, take a look at the pros and cons of some of the most common business entities out there.

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