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11 Contract Negotiation Strategies to Get You What You Really Want in Business

Business negotiations can be tricky. As parties go back and forth to reach an agreement, the parties are struggling for leverage and favorable terms. In most negotiations, both parties compromise on some issues. Rarely do all parties walk away from business negotiations with everything that they desired when they began the process. Even though negotiation skills are important, it is also important to remember that there is a legal aspect of business negotiations.

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Are Non-Compete Clauses Legal in Business Contracts?

Businesses use non-compete clauses in order to protect themselves from having employees leave or quit to work at a rival company. The rising value of trade secrets has prompted employers to issue more non-compete contracts. Estimates are that about 20% of the American workforce is subject to a non-compete contract and that 37% have signed one at some point in their career. If you have been approached to sign a non-compete agreement or are contemplating making non-compete clauses a part of your employment practice, you may want to talk with an experienced business transaction lawyer before you move forward.

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Top Five Things to Watch Out For in a Business Contract

By signing a contract, a business creates a legally enforceable set of rights and obligations. Therefore, when a business chooses to enter into a contract, it is imperative that it fully understands the terms of the agreement and their consequences. Usually draped in confusing and complex legal terminology, any business contract should be reviewed by a competent and knowledgeable business transactions attorney. There are, however, a few parts that anyone entering into a business contract should look out for.

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