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Did the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Kill My Boat Deduction?

The deductions you may take for interest on your boat loan has changed somewhat since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), but the deductions have not been eliminated. Below is a brief discussion from Maryland tax attorney, Steve Thienel, of some changes in the tax reform bill that impacts interest deductions for a boat. If you follow the current rules in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, you may still benefit from certain deductions.

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Top 4 Tax Mistakes Your Company is Probably Making

The signing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act the end of the year ushered in several changes to the US Tax Code. Even though tax day comes at around the same time each year, many companies still scramble to get everything in at the deadline since going through receipts, bank statements, and other documents can be a time-consuming and tedious affair. Proactive tax compliance can often make tax preparation a less-stressful affair. In addition, avoiding these four tax mistakes can save you time, money, and stress over the next few years.

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Changes In The New Tax Cuts And Jobs Act That Could Change The Way Small Businesses Operate

The sweeping tax reform bill known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will overhaul the way the tax code treats businesses – whether small businesses or large multinational corporations. While it is not possible to gauge the exact ways different provisions will impact small businesses, it is very likely that the overall tax burden will be reduced for the majority of small businesses.

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