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How to Disinherit Someone — and Why You Shouldn't

People in Maryland can write practically whatever terms they want in their wills, but that does not mean the probate courts will honor those terms. Let's say that you want to leave nothing to the person who would ordinarily inherit a portion of your estate. You might be angry at the person, or you might have agreed, for example, with your spouse, that they will take nothing under your will. Take it from a Maryland estate-planning attorney—this may not be entirely legal.

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Why do I Need a Residuary Estate Clause?

When you draft and execute a will, your Maryland estate-planning attorney should ensure that your will has all mandatory clauses and terms to ensure the will is valid and accomplishes your wishes and goals. Because attorneys who do not practice in the area of estate planning may not be familiar with certain clauses for wills, it is prudent to seek the advice of an experienced Maryland estate planning attorney when executing your will.

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