Life is full of surprises -legal fees shouldn't be one of them.

A majority of law firms practice under the billable hour model, and so do I – when it makes sense. Particularly when I am negotiating with or litigating against another party, it's just not possible to predict how much time a matter will require. 

For other matters though, I offer a fixed fee to eliminate surprises and help you budget around your personal or company's legal priorities.

This is what I call "Fractional General Counsel Services."

As a small company or start-up venture, you may not be able to afford to hire General Counsel to attend to your daily legal needs. This doesn't mean you shouldn't have one though. With decades of experience working with business owners just like you, I have what it takes to handle all of your legal needs -- at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own full-time, in-house counsel.


How Does It Work?

Whether you need legal assistance with business, tax, or estate-planning matters, it all starts with an initial meeting - a "Master Strategy Session" if you will. During that time, we discuss your particular situation and needs. This meeting serves a couple of purposes —

  1. I learn how I can help you, and

  2. We get a feel for each other to make sure we make a good team.

Once I have an understanding of your legal needs, I develop a personalized Fractional General Counsel rate plan for your specific needs. In some cases, particularly in business matters, it may make sense for us to work on a monthly subscription model. In other cases, such as certain estate-planning situations, a fixed-rate package may be more appropriate.

In any case, you can be assured that you will get the legal services you need at a cost that you understand - up front.


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