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The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Federal Tax Audit in 2020

What do you do when that envelop with the IRS return-address stamped is haunting you from the counter-top? Well, my advice is this - Don't Panic! This informative ebook will get you through the basics and help you make it through an IRS audit as painlessly as possible. 

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IRS On Your Back?
20 Secrets The IRS Doesn't Want You to Know About Collection Activities

Is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) harassing you about delinquent tax debt? Are you afraid to check your mailbox because it could be another communication from the IRS? If so, I have some secrets to tell you that the IRS doesn’t want you to know about its collection activities.



Start-Ups: Everything You Need to Know to Maximize Business Success & Minimize Risk

Starting a business? Get up-to-date, expert advice on creating a proper legal framework for your business. From formation and finance to contracting and protection your intellectual property, this 45-page ebook has the real-world experience and resources you need to form your next business venture.

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Estate-Planning - 50 Top Questions and Answers

Estate-Planning: Top 50 Questions (and Answers)

Estate-planning can be an uncomfortable and overwhelming process. It doesn’t have to be. Armed with the information you need, estate-planning can be an empowering process that takes a load of stress off of you and your family. Get the answers to the top 50 estate-planning questions from an experienced Maryland estate-planning attorney.