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Don't Panic! The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Federal Tax Audit

What do you do when that envelop with the IRS return-address stamped is haunting you from the counter-top? Well, my advice is this - Don't Panic! This informative ebook will get you through the basics and help you make it through an IRS audit as painlessly as possible. 

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The Ultimate Estate Planning Guide

Whether you are 18 or 80-years old, you need an estate plan. Take control over your end-of-life and after-life wishes with this difinitive guide to planning your estate.



The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Business

You're starting a business, but where do you start? This comprehensive guide to starting a business will give you step-by-step, actional advice on what you need - from choosing the right business entity to formulating an exit strategy.

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13 Things That Can Get You Into Hot Water With The IRS

From using automated software improperly to simply misunderstanding the complex tax laws out there, this guide will alert you to some of the biggest mistakes you can make that will get you into trouble with the IRS - so that you don't make them.