I take a holistic approach to asset protection, which includes advising on business transactional matters, tax compliance issues, and
estate-planning strategies.


When it comes to true asset protection, you need to consider how your business entity and contracting choices will affect your tax liabilities. You must also consider exit-strategies that will maximize your estate for your heirs while minimizing the tax implications. For these reasons, you need an attorney with deep experience with business transaction, taxation, and estate planning. You need Steve Thienel.



Maryland Business Attorney

Protect Your LIvelihood

If you're in business,  you have a highly-specialized skill set that drives your success. Odds are, that skill set does not include an advanced legal degree and decades of experience advising entrepreneurs in all aspects of running their businesses. When you work with me, you have the benefit of my deep experience advising companies of all sizes in complex business matters. You can always count on the best possible legal advise, so you can put your full attention to running your business.

Maryland Tax Attorney

Protect Your Future

My practice is focused on helping you avoid overpaying for taxes, both before and after death. I have decades of experience tackling a broad range of tax issues. Whether you need assistance with tax planning or tax compliance, I am here to help. I have decades of experience dealing with both state and federal tax issues and I am fully prepared to help you resolve any issues you are facing, or helping you file, plan, or manage your taxes. If you want to minimize your tax liabilities, let’s talk.

Maryland Estate-Planning Attorney

Protect your family

While most of us would prefer to avoid thinking about our inevitable death, advanced estate planning can save your loved ones’ time, money, and confusion. Estate planning involves both planning for management of your assets during your life and for passing your property on to your children or other heirs after your passing, with as few taxes and costs as possible. With thoughtful estate planning, you can take care of yourself and your loved ones in a way that will benefit them for decades to come.