“Thienel Law has always been exceptional in providing a wide range of legal services. Whether it involves taxes and IRS communications, administering Living Trusts and Wills or real estate transactions. I am most appreciative of Thienel Laws flexibility to either take full control of a legal requirement or to provide me with legal advice to fulfill a legal requirement on my own.”



“Stephen Thienel handled the probate of an Estate where I was the personal representative. Based on his excellent performance, I asked him to assist my 72-year old mother in establishing a Living Trust and writing her Will. He handled this with great tact, as my mother was in poor health, and was very conscious of her own mortality. When my mother died, Stephen helped handle all court filings and guided me in distribution of the assets to the beneficiaries. The distributions went very smoothly, due in part to Stephen’s anticipating potential problems back in 2006. Since 2010, I have continued to employ Stephen for preparation of tax returns for Trust funds established for minor children where I am the Trustee. In all instances I have found he is quick to respond, and offers concise explanations of the alternatives, or of the required next steps.”

— David


“Whether providing business advice as I grow my business or working up my personal and business tax returns, you can always count on comprehensive advice and professional support. Starting a business can be a little stressful as you can only get so much from college and through performing research. Nothing beats real life experience and Steve’s support to my business has meant a great deal to me, and has served to reduce my stress and frustration considerably. I have enough issues to work through in my business. Having Steve to cover my back on legal and tax matters makes it seem like he is really part of my senior staff. I would highly recommend his firm to anyone, especially young start-up businesses like mine.”

— Paul


“I would highly recommend Thienel Law to anyone who was looking for legal representation as the service is simply - outstanding! Steve is always professional, courteous, timely and most important, a great listener. He truly strives to understand what the "client" needs to accomplish with their legal request and then always provides a thorough and well thought out approach for a resolution. I highly recommend Thienel Law. A top class professional organization. Thanks Steve!



“Steve is very good and attentive. We have worked together on corporate, personal, litigation and other matters. He is good at breaking things down to the essence and simplifying complex issues. He is great to work with and timely responds when needs arise. I would unconditionally recommend him.”

— Ted


We have relied on Mr. Thienel for both personal and professional legal advice for over 10 years. His problem-solving skills are exceptional and his ability to communicate effectively have helped us tremendously. Absolutely, highly recommend, Mr. Thienel!

— Mignon