What Can a Tax Attorney Do For You?

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A Maryland tax attorney can do many things for clients. We are not only called upon when someone has a problem with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or other taxing authority. A tax attorney can help you with all matters related to personal and business taxes with two goals in mind – reducing your tax burden and preventing an audit.

Below are five of the things that a tax attorney can do for you.

A Maryland Tax Attorney Can Respond to Collection Notices and IRS Audit Requests

Receiving notices from the IRS, especially collection notices and demands for an IRS audit can be frightening and stressful. A Maryland tax attorney can respond to these requests for you. In addition, the attorney can explain the complex legal jargon in terms that you understand. When you are dealing with an IRS collection or audit, you want a trained professional with you to advocate on your behalf.

A Maryland Tax Attorney Can Complete and File IRS Documents

The IRS has over 2,000 forms and publications related to tax matters. It can be difficult to comprehend your personal tax return; however, it can become overwhelming when you add complicated,  highly detailed forms the IRS expects you to understand and complete if required. A Maryland tax attorney guides you through the complicated tax procedures, including dealing with IRS collection efforts, audits, and complex tax returns.

A Maryland Tax Attorney Can Assist You If You Are Scheduled for an Audit

Being audited is frightening. You hear horror stories of the IRS taking people to jail, seizing all their assets, and leaving their families with nothing. However, this is usually not the way a typical audit proceeds. 

A Maryland tax attorney can represent you during the audit so that you have someone with you who is there to advocate for you. It is important that you understand your legal rights and your options before, during, and after the audit. Your tax lawyer helps you throughout the audit process, including filing for abatements and installment plans if you owe taxes and penalties.

A Maryland Tax Attorney Can Counsel You on Ways to Lower Your Taxes

A Maryland tax attorney can analyze your financial situation and advise you of ways that you can lower your taxable income next year and in the future. Several strategies can help you lower your taxable income. A tax lawyer can help you choose the strategies that are right for you.

A Maryland Tax Attorney Can Defend You Against Tax Fraud and Other Tax Crimes

You may not go to jail for not paying your taxes; however, some tax laws carry criminal penalties. A tax lawyer can help you develop a defense strategy to fight the charges of tax crimes. A conviction of a tax crime can carry severe penalties. You need an experienced Maryland tax attorney at your side during the entire process.

Talk to a Trusted Maryland Tax Attorney

Failing to hire an experienced Maryland tax attorney to represent you regarding your tax problem can be a costly mistake. You need someone with specific knowledge of tax laws to help you resolve your tax matters. Maryland tax attorney Steve Thienel is dedicated to assisting clients in Maryland, Virginia, and throughout the DC Metro area. Contact Thienel Law, LLC today to get the legal counsel you need and peace of mind when dealing with tax matters.