What Can a Maryland Tax Attorney Do For You?

As an experienced Maryland Tax Attorney, I can help you to get tax resolution for a variety of tax issues. I treat my clients with respect and compassion as I provide effective and efficient legal advice and innovated approaches in tax areas including: 

  • Income tax

  • Payroll tax

  • Real estate tax

  • Sales tax

  • Estate tax

  • Inheritance tax


Maryland Strategic Tax Planning

The United States Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and Maryland’s income tax laws are highly complex. However, with the assistance of an experienced Maryland Tax Attorney, businesses, individuals, families, and fiduciaries can successfully develop and implement tax strategies that delay or reduce current and future tax obligations. I assist clients in tax planning that defers or minimizes the impact of tax liabilities. Learn more...

Maryland Tax Compliance

It can be confusing and overwhelming when you are trying to ensure you comply with all state and federal tax codes. Disputes related to tax compliance can arise from a variety of issues including failure to pay taxes, failure to file tax returns, failure to report income, and failure to file required tax documents. As an experienced Maryland Tax Attorney, I focus on tax law issues such as proper tax reporting, compliance, and substantiation. You do not have to face the IRS or Maryland’s Comptroller alone. You can have a Maryland Tax Attorney standing with you as a strong advocate to protect your legal rights.  Learn more...

Maryland Tax Preparation

Regardless of whether you need the assistance of a Maryland Tax Attorney for personal income tax preparation or business tax preparation, I can help. Because I am an attorney, our conversations are protected by attorney-client privilege. You do not have this same protection in a criminal tax enforcement action or tax audit if you hire an accountant or othertax professional who is not a practicing lawyer. In addition to assisting with the development of a strategic tax preparation and compliance plan, I can help you ensure you do not miss deadlines or make costly mistakes when preparing your tax returns that could result in a tax audit. Learn more...