Among the few certainties in life are: death and taxes. My practice is focused on helping you avoid overpaying for taxes, both before and after death. I have decades of experience tackling a broad range of tax issues, including:

  • Income tax

  • Payroll tax

  • Real estate tax

  • Sales tax

  • Estate tax

  • Inheritance tax

Whether you need assistance with tax planning, tax return preparation, or tax compliance, I am here to help.


Strategic Tax Planning

Since none of us likes to pay more to the IRS than necessary, having a strategy for your taxes is important. Tax planning is different for everyone, whether you are a business owner, you have substantial assets, or you have modest means but prefer to make sure more of your estate goes to your heirs than is paid out in taxes. Let me help you develop a comprehensive tax strategy to minimize your long-term tax burden. Learn more...

Tax Compliance

Your business is required to pay certain taxes on a quarterly or monthly basis, such as income, employment, and sales taxes. In addition, depending on your corporate structure and whether you have employees, you may be required to file additional tax reports throughout the year. I have had decades of experience handling tax matters for businesses and individuals, and I will make sure you understand the various tax laws that apply to you, ensuring that you remain in compliance with both state and federal tax rules. Learn more...

Tax Preparation

Filing your taxes can be complicated. I can help reduce the amount of time you spend worrying about your tax filings by preparing your tax returns. By staying current on all business tax laws and strategies, I have the expertise you need and the competence to complete your tax filings, both business and individual. Let me help you save money. Learn more...


Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Federal Audit.jpg

Facing an IRS Audit?

What do you do when that envelop with the IRS return-address stamped is haunting you from the counter-top? Well, my advice is this - Don't Panic! This informative ebook will get you through the basics and help you make it through an IRS audit as painlessly as possible.