What Can a DC Tax Attorney Do For You?

I handle a variety of tax-related issues as an experienced DC tax attorney including matters related to:

  • Income tax

  • Payroll tax

  • Real estate tax

  • Sales tax

  • Estate tax

  • Inheritance tax

It is important that you understand your legal rights when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service or the District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue. The tax agent does not represent you, andit is not the agent’s responsibility to ensure you understand your rights and all your options for resolving a tax problem. A tax problem can cause stress and anxiety for a family or business. A DC tax attorney can help.


DC Strategic Tax Planning

One of the ways you can reduce the risk of tax problems and minimize your tax liabilities is to engage in strategic tax planning A DC tax attorney can help you with tax planning for businesses, trusts, estates, real estate, and personal income. Let an experienced tax lawyer guide you through each step of the planning process from evaluating your current situation and identifying your financial goals to implementing your plan.  Learn more...

DC Tax Compliance

I represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service, DC Office of Tax and Revenue, and local tax authorities. As an experienced DC tax attorney, I handle issues related to estate, income, property, and sales taxes. Whether you have a civil or criminal tax matter that includes audits, litigation, investigations, or appeals, I urge you to seek legal guidance instead of dealing directly with the tax authority. A tax compliance issue can result in substantial fines and penalties. You need a strong advocate protecting your legal rights.  Learn more...

DC Tax Preparation

From choosing the right forms to meeting deadlines and providing supporting documentation, tax preparation can be time-consuming and difficult. A DC taxation attorney can help you prepare your tax returns and other tax-related documents to help ensure you comply with all tax laws. An attorney can also help you protect your assets, lower your tax liability, and provide legal advice your if your tax return is audited.  Learn more...